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30 Photos Of Hot Female Fans World Cup 2014

World cup has hit the peak with teams playing their second group games and so far Brazil has kind of lived up to its hype both on the pitch and off it. Huge number of visitors are packing up stadiums and local brazilians are cheering for not only there team but also others which makes it exciting. Today we take a look at some of the hottest female fans which were spotted during the group games.

From all what we saw, we can safely say that Colombia has the hottest female fans and there is not even a comparison. take a look at this beauty which is our. “hot fan of the week”
Colombia and Costa Rica fans are hot !
Brazil has alot to offer this summer and their fans specialy girls have been sensational in the crowds, the other day they were cheering for Bosnia when they played against Argentina.
Brazilian fans are cheering other teams as well
There was huge expectations of this world cup to be one of the best ever and the first weeks has been success in every possible way.
Some random hottness
Brazil and Korean fans cheering their teams on

The hottest girl spotted in the stands has to be this colombia beauty, her pictures are all over internet since Colombia played greece.
Colombia beauty made headlines on football sites
Not much was expected from Bosnia and Mexico on the pitch but their fans has supported them which kind of lift the team’s performances.
Spanish team has been knocked out of the world cup after two games which is sad in two ways, we will miss “tiki taki” and spanish beauties like these.
South Korean and Japese fans are the most behaved ones in world cup, the other day Japan fan helped crew to clean the litter after the match.
Korean girl cheering her national team against Russia
USA showed against Ghana that they have somthing to offer this summer, their fans were great and football or sorry soccer is on the rise in states.
USMNT Soccer fans !
A few random pictures from the first round action, we will keep updated this post with more and more pictures.

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